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on the move? - Page 2 Empty Re: on the move?

18/10/2013, 18:02
Conmac End wrote:
Shakespeares_Theatre wrote:
Conmac End wrote:
Shakespeares_Theatre wrote:
Conmac End wrote:ADMIN Very Happy
You must keep Zico on a lead when you walk near the new Link Road  Laughing   Laughing
:lol:Just seen this!  Laughing  I might be moving to Heysham  Shocked
They wouldn't let you in !!

Heres some words for you to rearrange :  the first sod will cut "Costain" July 1st will on

Its flattering that you named your dog after a Morecambe FC player  Very Happy  Very Happy
We have already moved Dollies into the area and Zico played for Brazil.  Smile

I think I'll ask the mac-lad to arrange a meet. Who else do you stalk old timer Laughing
This is becoming similar to the 1889double and SeasideSexpestExile debate.
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