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default Clitheroe

3/11/2016, 09:55
No one gonna bother? Last minute winner!

First real cold night of the season, wet pitch, players looked like they had trainers on going arse over tit everywhere. We looked dangerous because they were nervous defensively but they also had two quick lads on either side on the counter.

First goal their keeper dropped in a free kick in first half stoppage time. Sumner claimed it but it was that much of a clanger it should be an own goal.

Second half I thought we could have had more efforts on goal, we didn't miss any sitters but still should have wrapped it up. Their lad equalised on 83 jinxing through too many players than is acceptable, not unlike Stockbridge's goals Saturday.

McKenna got fouled 40 yards out on the touchline and Sumner took it 10 yards more central than he should have done and put it right on Gav Clark's head. Great finish. Clark's been superb this season, Gregory and Conny only stand out more because they're at the other end.

Don't win at Clitheroe too often, pleased with that.
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default Re: Clitheroe

4/11/2016, 22:02
DollyTillIDie wrote:Sumner claimed it but it was that much of a clanger it should be an own goal.
I don't think the Evo Stik recognises own goals. Remember that one Gav scored against Prescot at the Giant Axe last season? Cut in from the left and pulled it across the area; going for a throw in at the far side until the Prescot defender intervened: awarded to Clark. Laughing

Thanks for the report, a fantastic result.
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