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20/12/2015, 21:38
This is being discussed on the Boxing Day forum, but I'm sure everyone will agree this is worth its own thread. No more words needed on my part, this is from the Kendal forum regarding a meeting of their committee last night.

"A bit of a fiery affair last night.
It us clear there are two distinct camps within the club. There are ex committee members who fully support the offer of a 50K investnent from a group of outsiders. Their spokesman stated clearly that the 50K was for this season and that there would be further investment next season. Clearly they would want some significant say in the running of the club.
The Acting Chairman didn't embrace this offer with open arms. He stated the lub was not on its knees and there was no crisis at the club. He stated he fully felt that KTFC would survive this season. That was a bit undermined towards the end of the meeting when it emerged that Danny Wilkins and Connerton have both played their last game for the club. It was even more endermined when Danny Wilkins stated that he felt that the squad as it stands was not capable of surviving in this league. With no money it is unclear where we can get players in within a week to play at Lancaster in the striking dept. The developnent squad was mentioned several tines during the meeting and it loojs like they will be called into play next week. There is rwo probkems with that. Will they be capable of playing at this level, and by taking two strikers from the ubder 18s it will weaken them.
John Warton put himself up as Chairman but it was pointed out that as he was not a member he could not stand.
I got the distinct impression as I left, that KTFC are like the proverbial drowning man who steadfastly refuses the lifebelt that has been thrown to him.
Personally, unless the current committee has plans to raise a substantial amount of cash in a very short space of time, then there is little room to manoeuvre and will need to accept the consortiums offer. If the don't accept this 50K and the club get relegated then the committee will have no place to hide. Equally, if they do survive but cannot substantially increase the revenue stream, then we will be revisiting this scenario time after time.
This us very clearly a very sad time for KTFC. and I hope against hope that the club can through this and be stronger in the end. However, I have grave doubts."
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21/12/2015, 11:11
Heard that Connerton is going to Chorley, and I'm sure I read somewhere Wilkins was going to Rammy or somewhere like that on Twitter.

KTFC need to be weary about selling themselves out so easily just because they've been hit with the reality they can't finance a promotion push in this league on gates of about 150.
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24/12/2015, 19:24
Jordan Connerton as signed for Chorley according to their website.Looks a good move for him
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