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default Goal query

29/4/2014, 13:29
I notice our programme gives our goal at Northwich on 1st April as being scored by Dodgson. The league website also gives it to Dodger.

Whilst I wasn't at the game, I believe some who were are saying it was Taylor's goal. I would have thought that even if the ball was about to cross the line from Dodger's effort, if it hadn't actually done so, it should be awarded to the player who actually knocked it over. So with that in mind, shouldn't it be Taylor's?

Any comments please?
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default Re: Goal query

29/4/2014, 13:53
You tell Dodgy then !!
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default Re: Goal query

29/4/2014, 14:22
Taylor definitely got the last touch. It was probably going to go in,but there was a possibility that a defender could have cleared it before it crossed the line
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default Re: Goal query

30/4/2014, 19:58
Taylor's, it looked more of a cross from Dodgson
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default Re: Goal query

1/5/2014, 11:44
Deffo Taylor's goal.

We had some good banter with Aaron and his mate at the mintcake!

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