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Morpeth Empty Morpeth

23/3/2022, 13:29
Another excellent Tuesday night performance, the only thing lacking was a decent size crowd. I'm pretty sure that anyone watching this game would be coming back again on Saturday. We made another side who are/were pushing for the playoffs look very ordinary. They had their way of playing, which is very physical & close to the edge of the rulebook & we dealt with it. We were strong quick & determined. There was also a decent amount of good football too.
As I mentioned on another thread Enock Likoy was outstanding,I hope we can keep hold of him as he gets fitter because he really looks good. Charlie Bailey was correctly chosen MOTM,but the whole team played well.
The only downside was the dismissal of Liam Brockbank inside the last 10 minutes. At first I was furious with the decision, but on reflection Liam did end up on the floor very easily which maybe indicated that he was feeling a bit guilty. Having said that, their 5 who he was tussling with did lead every challenge in the air with at least his forearm & deserved a bit back. Up till that point I thought the referee hadn't done too badly, but after letting s lot go the red card seemed exceptionally harsh.
While we deserved to win,we could've been made to pay for the fact that we again squandered chances. Still, all's well that ends well
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Morpeth Empty Re: Morpeth

23/3/2022, 14:43
He knocks em in, Enoch Likoy.

Chas Bailey being a wizard as per.

Be surprised if we have Brocky next year.
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