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default Paul Dawson

19/11/2021, 11:16
Joins Bamber Bridge.


They do look to be flying and he’ll know the club well. Also, a vision of higher football can only benefit his young family.

However, this does feel like a massive kick in the testicles, as he always seemed to love turning out for us.

Sure we’ll see him back at some point, whether it’s because he doesn’t go higher, or he does and we do too.

Gutted sums it up pretty succinctly.

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default Re: Paul Dawson

19/11/2021, 11:31
Agree with every word of the above. Gutting news
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default Re: Paul Dawson

19/11/2021, 16:33
Yes, very disappointing for us but good luck and thanks to him.

Whilst not having his attributes it will give a chance to others such as Ryan Graham who has seemed very capable when I have seen him.

Looking to the clash with Bamber Bridge on 27th December. Perhaps (if you are reading this Paul) you could get yourself sent off mid December so we do not have to come up against you or your freekicks!
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default Re: Paul Dawson

20/11/2021, 12:38
Shocked to read this one of the best players at the club. We will certainly miss his goals for the rest of the season. Could understand it if he had gone to play for a club at a higher level.
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default Re: Paul Dawson

20/11/2021, 12:55
Yep disappointing news, but whoever the player is, if they don’t want to be at city we don’t want them, and if he has been touting himself around whilst a city player as is rumoured, he shouldn’t be welcomed back
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