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default Re: Morpeth

22/9/2021, 13:20
I seem to remember Dawson coming back from a suspension for being sent off and being sent off again straight after. However, they may have been chalked off as the season was voided. BTW does the rescinding of the red card on Saturday mean the penalty was wrongly awarded or just the dismissal? Discuss.
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default Re: Morpeth

22/9/2021, 22:24
Now wouldn't it be nice if they overruled the penalty and the following two goals! Then the match replayed at Morpeth! Sadly that is not how these things work. Not even a larger share of the prize money.

Onwards and hopefully upwards after a poor few weeks. Oh those halcyon days of winning at Grantham.

I watched the managers interview after the FA cup game but cannot find it now. Was it removed because of the criticism (now proved right) of the referee?

No mention of any loan players so far this week. Wonder what happened to Bamford or the Brazilian player coming from Leeds?
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