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default Trophy and Paul Dawson

31/10/2020, 20:43
Wasn’t at the game but followed on Twitter, seems the lads gave it a good go, used all our penalty luck up in the FA cup.
My question is, how long does the manager put up with the dreadful discipline from Paul Dawson, can have all the talent in the world but he’s a liability that I don’t think the club can afford.
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default Re: Trophy and Paul Dawson

1/11/2020, 16:52
Listened penalties on there twitter account after we got late goal. Our keeper saves 2 and two of ours blaze it over the bar . The last one saved. Pity because I am sure the club would have liked to get through a few rounds for the money. Don't know if Paul was sent off for 2 yellows or a straight red. If straight red its his second one so more than 3 games. Agree with you he is a talented player when nothing distracts him during the game causing him to do silly things.
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default Re: Trophy and Paul Dawson

3/11/2020, 08:52
Two yellows it was. I’ve said it time and time again that he was going to cost us in big games.

I don’t think Saturday was one of those, but Morpeth the other week may have been.

Last season Felly had a massive midfield dilemma in that we had so many talented midfielders. Dawson’s form made it nigh on impossible to drop him. But I reckon his suspensions this season, if anything, have made it much easier for Felly, despite him probably wanting Daws around the side.

Leaving a foot in is one thing but he has been fortunate to get away with off the ball incidents in the past, some petty and some quite shocking.
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default Re: Trophy and Paul Dawson

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