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1/9/2018, 08:51
As an exiled Dolly who relies on getting news from the Lancaster Guardian online, I am dismayed to note not one mention of recent City games, no interview with PB, but SIX articles online today about Morecambe. In addition, Garstang features frequently in the paper. What is happening here? Surely someone could be assigned to cover our games? I know we're struggling at the moment but Morecambe aren't exactly pulling up any trees at present either. How are we going to drum up support if the local paper can't be arsed to give any news?
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2/9/2018, 16:33
Local papers are largely rewritten press releases and user contributed content. If our club doesn't issue any press releases and nobody sends in any reports then they won't get covered. Morecambe are a Football League club 3 leagues higher than us, and presumably someone sends in reports for Garstang.

Not sure how up to date that link is as Adam Lord covers PNE for the LEP now although does contribute to the other JP titles, and Gemma Sherlock is at the Liverpool Echo, but that gives you an idea of the small number of people that have to produce the Guardian and Visitor every week.

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2/9/2018, 21:53
Since Adam Lord went off to cover PNE for JP a chap comes all the way from Oldham for home games at the Globe but doesn't do away games which I think may still be covered by Quinny ! Its a mad business and the sooner The Visitor and Guardian are amalgamated and then made free for every home the better.
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8/9/2018, 11:06
I complained to the Lancaster Guardian twice last season and the say it is the responsibility of someone at the Club to do the reports. Nobody at the club is willing to do it and the report on the Bamber Bridge game last Tuesday is the same report as The Evening Post. This problem is not going to go away. I really annoys me when the paper is full of Morecambe and Garstang football. I am not sure how many reporter's are employed by the Guardian now but years ago they always had a reporter home and away for Lancaster. I think Richard Machin was the last one.
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